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3 Office Chairs to Look For This Summer
NEWS  |  06.06.2018 11:48 am  |  72
In many work environments, workers are often seated at a desk, where they spend hours doing a range of tasks. It is important that they are comfortable in their workspace. One way to ensure this is by providing the right office chair that can help to improve a worker’s level of focus and productivity and keep at bay health issues, such as sore back and tight muscles, that are
associated with poorly designed chairs. Here are 3 office chairs to have this summer.

The Gesture

The expense of the Gesture is a small price to pay for the durability, longevity, and comfort that it provides. An investment ranging between $970 and $1,600, the Gesture, according to Steelcase Inc., a global leader in office furniture, “is the first chair designed to support users’ interactions with today’s technologies,” whereby the “core, limb, and seat interfaces work as a system to provide support and comfort to a range of users in a range of postures” and sizes. When you think of an ergonomic chair, the Gesture is what you need in your work environment. Key features include 360° rotating arms that support movement and users in any position, a headrest for comfort and support, intuitive adjustments to the respective user, core equalizer for enhanced lumbar support in an upright posture, adaptive bolstering to enable consistent comfort, and automatically adjust to mimic natural spine movement.

The Herman Miller Aeron

Regarded as a classic that provides comfort and durability, the Herman Miller Aeron mesh back chair is an ergonomic workhorse that is breathable and comfortable for long hours at a desk. An investment in the range of $1000, the Aeron is a combination of performance and design that supports the “ideal sit,” reflected in chest open, shoulders back and pelvis tilted slightly forward. This “task chair” also provides lumbar support, stabilize the base of the spine with its individual adjustable pads and supports your movement by providing balance and ease.

Hon Exposure Mesh Task Chair

While a lot of budget chairs sacrifice comfort and durability, the Hon Exposure has many awesome features that you want in an office chair. Featuring the standard adjustments that an ideal office chair should have, such as depth adjustment, tilt tension and lock, seat and height - adjustable arms, it provides comfort for long periods-over four hours. The Hon Exposure’s breathable mesh that contours to the natural curvature of the spine and keeps the body cool. It also has ergonomic features in a design that comfortably aligns your legs and hips, as well as adjustable arms.

Proper office equipment leads to more productivity and increases office morale, and the Gesture, Aeron and Hon Exposure are three chairs that can achieve that end, so get one of these fine office chairs this summer. If you are interested in upgrading your office this summer, feel free to contact Ideal Office today!