Across the country, an increasing number of employers are having their employees return back to the office and one thing is certain: we will not be experiencing the work environment and culture we once knew. But will the pandemic completely change the workplace? Let’s take a look at the changes that we’re predicting for the future of work.

Increased Flexibility

Before the pandemic, most companies did not offer remote work opportunities but now that we’ve been in the thick of the pandemic and navigating this new “normal,” an increasing number of companies are realizing that increased flexibility with working remotely is possible.

We’re expecting to still see companies having their employees work in the office on a regular basis but allow their employees to work from home more often than they did before.

Office Updates and Upgrades

After working from home for so long, we’re expecting offices to look and operate differently. Think open layouts and more collaborative spaces that allow employees to be more social. This will allow them to focus on fostering a community and interact on a more regular basis instead of sitting in their offices by themselves all day long.

Homes Will Be Work-From-Home Ready

The transition to working in an office to working from home was abrupt and difficult for a lot of individuals to adjust. There was no designated workspace, employees didn’t have access to the technology they were used to in their offices (second monitor, printer/scanner, reliable wifi). But now that they’ve gotten into the groove of working from home, they’ve created these work-from-home spaces that are reliable and offer a space that they can be productive in.

Relaxed Work Attire

After being able to wear more relaxed clothing while working from home, a lot of companies are going to navigate away from strict business attire dress codes and opt for more relaxed work attire. Now, we’re not talking sweatpants and loungewear. We’re talking business casual, allowing jeans in the office, and sneaker-wearing to increase.

Reduced In-Person Meetings

After utilizing video conferencing software throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and it working well for most companies, we are predicting this will become more of the norm. Even when everyone’s back in the office, we are expecting to see fewer in-person meetings and more video conferences. They’re convenient and reliable!

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