Safer Solutions For Your Work Environment.

Flat Business Office Furniture Icons with Computers - All Long Shadows on one layer - contains blends

Mergeworks "Stackers" Panel Extenders

Mergeworks offers acrylic or PET acoustic fabric panel extenders for extra separation on low cubicle panels.

Mergeworks "Enclave" Acrylic Sneeze guards and privacy Screens

Mergeworks offers acrylic or PET acoustic fabric surface mounted screens or sneezeguards.

Loftwall Hitch Benching separation Screens

Quickly and easily separate benching stations.

Loftwall Hide Desk Screen

Acoustic PET material offers desk separation and sound dampening.

Loftwall Shelter Desk Screen

Create aesthetically please workstation separation in less than 5 minutes.

Loftwall Counter Shield

Quickly and securely separate space in any environment with an acrylic Counter Shield sneeze guard.

Loftwall Desk Shield

Add a freestanding shield to a worsurface in a matter of minutes. Available in clear or frosted acrylic.

Enwork Harbor Cardboard Screens

Budget friendly cardboard screens for a temporary yet effective workplace separation solution.

Enwork Skyline Magnetic Panel extenders

These "Skyline" Magnetic screens are available in 3 acoustic panel colors, and frosted or clear acrylic. Brackets are available in three paint colors.

Via Genie task chair with Antiviral Copper Mesh

Via seating's Genie Task chair offers an antiviral Copper mesh, perfect for the healthcare environment.

QuickTemp Infrared Temperature Kiosk

With our infrared temperature kiosks, you can keep your building safe from infection buy reading the temperature of everyone entering in just seconds.

Safer Solutions For Your Work Environment.

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