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5 Fun Halloween Ideas for the Office
NEWS  |  10.10.2018 10:46 am  |  691
graphic of office with Halloween decor and coworkers dressed in costume
graphic of office with Halloween decor and coworkers dressed in costume
There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from the daily grind to get a little festive. Halloween is a fun time of the year, so here are some ways to take advantage of the season to perk up office morale.
  1. Dress up - There’s nothing like a little friendly competition. Hold a Halloween costume contest and hash out ideas with your colleagues. Each department can have their own theme if your office happens to be large enough or just have a more general contest with some category-based prizes. Just make sure that costumes are tasteful and appropriate to the work environment.
  2. Indulge - What better way to keep the office spirit going than a spooky, Halloween inspired lunch buffet? This could be catered but it might be more fun to see what others come up with for season-inspired dishes and snacks. To bring back the competitive edge, you could make the potluck a contest with categories of its own and more prizes to award.
  3. Decorate - It’s just simply not Halloween without a little décor. Cubicles, conference rooms, and break areas could all stand a little ghostly, ghoulish influence. There are a lot of decorating options that don’t cost an arm and a leg and can commonly be found in bulk (think big bags of fake cobwebs). People can work together to help decorate various spaces or they can be surprised as they come in with spaces decorated after they left the previous day. The sky is the limit with decorations.
  4. Help out - Bringing people together can be easy with a coordinated volunteer event or activity. Look up local food shelves, animal shelters, soup kitchens, children’s groups, athletic and school events, and charities to see what ways are available for groups to provide assistance. Not only will it be a good way to get out of the office, but it will be a rewarding experience to get into the holiday giving mood.
  5. Get messy -  It’s simply not Halloween without a little pumpkin carving. This activity can be done solely with coworkers or they can be invited to bring their children during a certain time to have another little contest. There’s an abundance of patterns that can be found online and printed or head to the store for carving kits. Set up conference rooms and assign carving themes to get the creative juices flowing and see what everyone comes up with!