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Stand Up For Once!
NEWS  |  04.03.2017 7:31 am  |  4213
AIS Aloft Sit to Stand Benching
AIS Aloft Sit to Stand Benching
          We've all seen that the trend in the workplace towards an open space with areas for collaboration. What's now really beginning to gain some traction is the Sit to stand revolution, especially in a benching application, see image above for an example.
         There are many different office furniture manufacturer's in the office furniture industry, but at Ideal Office Solutions, we are lucky enough to have one in our own backyard in Leominister, Massachusetts. AIS (Stands for Affordable Interior Systems) manufacturers' product for projects all over the world but is located only 32 Miles from Ideal Office's location in Methuen, Massachuetts. AIS manufacturers a sit to stand benching product called ALOFT. Aloft product is designed around your space and needs and has a lead time of 3-5 weeks, depending on the size of the project. Visit AIS's Website here for more information about the product:
             Although sit to stands may not burn tons of calories, there are still some proven health benefits, especially in the ergonomic realm of relieving back and shoulder pain. For more information, check out this article published by Harvard Health:
         Get off your butt and contact us today for more information on the Aloft product to help re-energize your office!  (978) 327- 5327.