As companies readjust to the “new normal” during these times, some are still working remotely, while others are eager to get their employees back to the office. If you plan on bringing employees back to the office, it’ll require a great deal of planning and preparation to ensure you’re meeting all of the safety guidelines. The health of your employees should be your number one priority. Ideal Office Solutions offers a variety of products to help open reopen your office safely during COVID-19. In addition to office shields and screens to encourage social distancing, one of the most commonly used safety procedures is a temperature check for all employees or guests entering the building. As most people are aware, a fever is one of the more predominant symptoms of COVID-19. Taking the temperature of everyone entering the building can help to maintain a healthy environment and ensure everyone’s peace of mind. With QuickTemp temperature kiosks, it’s easy to automatically take temperature readings upon entry! 

Infrared Temperature Kiosks

Quicktemps temperature kiosks are available in 2 different options; A tabletop setup or a 4-ft floor stand, allowing you to customize the placement for your building’s unique needs. It is easy to relocate and is built with weather-resistant materials, making it suitable for entryways. The infrared temperature reader provides accurate, real-time results for a customizable temperature threshold. Upon entry, all visitors and employees will have to pass before entering. With a quick 2 second scan, you’ll get an instant pass or fail. The results will automatically be recorded and emailed to you. Quicktemp’s automatic temperature reading kiosks help to free-up your staff, as there’s no need for time-consuming manual readings. The easy-to-use backend interface has several other features that help you to ensure the health and safety of your employees. 

The Benefits of QuickTemp 

QuickTemp has the ability to integrate with your building’s security system, meaning that it can trigger door access and gates, depending on your temperature reading. It also has secure data storage within an existing IT system. In addition to emailing you notifications of high-temperature readings, it can also provide reporting to track the history of readings. It also has the ability to print visual ID badges, including a picture, date/time of entry, temperature reading, and type of visitor. This makes it easy for you to keep records of exactly who entered the building and when. You can also set up a custom QR code that visitors can scan with their devices, and links to a webpage with various pre-entry health questions, which will be recorded in your database. All of these features help you to track who’s in your building, and in the case of COVID-19 exposure, quickly identify who may have been infected. 

Contact Us to Help Safely Reopen Your Office 

Ideal Office Solutions offers on-site installation and training options to get you started right away with QuickTemp infrared temperature kiosks! Give us a call today at 978-327-5327 to learn more about how we can help you safely reopen your office during the pandemic. 

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