Companies across the world are slowly introducing employees back into the workplace and it has been a headache everyone out there. How does it get done in a safe manner? How do you make your employees feel good about the situation? There are so many things that you need to weigh and we wanted to go over the most important things that business owners should NOT do when returning to the workplace after being away for so long.

Keep Your Real Estate:

If you’re in a financial bind and way to clear up some money, looking at selling or renting your real estate office space may be tempting. But, it is important to think long-term with your office. Instead of downsizing or selling off some of your real estate, look how you can better utilize it. From sneezgaurads to moveable desks, these tactics will make your employees feel safer and it will allow your space to work for you. Other ways to use your space is by bringing employees back in a staggered approach, so that way everyone isn’t coming back at once. 

Open Communication:

With this not only being stressful for you, it is also stressful for your employees. One way to make them feel better is by keeping an open dialogue with them. While many companies have introduced more lines of communication with people working from home, it is important to keep some of this when you get back into the office. 

Whether this is daily check ins, virtual calls when someone is working from home, or whatever it may be. I am sure you learned some new things that work for your company during the work from home period so don’t be afraid to carry those principles over 

Understand Everyone’s Situation:

You need to understand that some people may want to come back into the office yesterday while others are in no rush at all. Try taking some time to speak with each person and see how they are feeling. If possible, and your job can be done remotely, make it completed optional for the time being too. 

This is a very difficult time that we are in and we understand there is no one perfect solution for every business. But, if you do as much as you can to make everyone comfortable, safe and on the same page it will go a long way.

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