One of the best ways to brighten up any workspace is with some indoor plants. The right indoor plants not only elevate the office but can help to improve air quality! Let’s take a look at the best low maintenance office plants to use in your office.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is the most common indoor plant for offices because it is incredibly hearty and does not require much attention or care. Additionally, this plant is excellent for long-term greenery because it can continue to grow for years. In fact, you only need to water this office plant about once a week, and you’ll continue to see slow, gradual growth.

ZZ Plant

The true name for this gorgeous plant is zamioculus zamifolia, but it’s commonly called the ZZ plant. This is a great option for offices with few windows or very little natural light because it requires almost no light and very little water to survive. Add this plant to your office, water it only 2-3 times a month, and it will thrive under the fluorescent lights in your office building.


If you’re looking to add some green to a desk or a shelf in your office space, a philodendron is an excellent option. This plant thrives in natural light or under fluorescents and offers beautiful, cascading greenery to your space. You will need to provide a self-watering planter to keep this one healthy, but as long as you ensure water is available, the philodendron will thrive in your office.

Weeping Fig/Ficus Tree

A common office plant, the weeping fig tree takes a bit more care to keep looking healthy. The weeping fig is also known at a Ficus, and it is sensitive to lighting conditions and requires very regular watering to keep its leaves from drooping. A steady temperature and bright, indirect sunlight is perfect for this plant.


Also known as “air plants,” these unusual plants do not require soil to survive, which makes them an excellent option for offices. All you need to set up these plants are a place to set them, like a piece of driftwood, a small pot, or a terrarium, and a mister. Simply mist the entire plant once a week, and it will thrive no matter where you have it placed.


This plant is toxic to animals, so avoid it if you are outfitting a vet’s office or have employees who bring their pets to work. However, if your office is pet-free, the pathos is a gorgeous, leafy plant that will add color and life to your office space. This fast-growing plant is known for gaining up to a foot in growth over a month’s time with the proper care, so it’s an excellent option for filling up a space quickly.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are spindly plants with variegated leaves that look like thick blades of grass. These plants are hearty, easy to maintain, and bloom with little white flowers. A spider plant is a good option if you are looking for a plant for your office. Keep in mind these plants need warmth and humidity to thrive, so try to find a warm spot to keep it looking healthy.

Jade Plant

Known as the “money plant,” this succulent is an excellent option for offices! It does require a fair amount of light, so try to find somewhere near a window but not in direct sunlight for these plants to thrive. The thick, rounded leaves are a beautiful, deep green that will make your space feel alive and welcoming.

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