If the morale and atmosphere of your office seem a bit on the droll side, the productivity of employees might also be suffering. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a few changes and input from employees can go a long way. Making sure employees know the importance of their work, providing an interesting and engaging environment, and realizing the work habits of employees should be the backbone of revitalizing the office space. The following trends are some of the best to follow when in the process of redesigning or initially creating a productive office space.

5 Ways To Boost Office Productivity

1. Dedicated meeting spaces for particular teams –  A team can benefit greatly from having space all their own to meet and collaborate. They will have the capability to add whatever they want without the worry or hassle of having to clean up for the next team meeting up in the same conference room. You may also be able to provide them with dedicated office equipment that they use the most often so they don’t have to interrupt their process by traipsing across the office.
2. Dedicated spaces for solo workers – Not only are meeting spaces for groups important, but individual office workers may also want a space that is solely for peace and quiet. Minimize distractions, enforce noise level rules, and make it comfortable for employees who want to switch up their routine and get away from a desk.
3. Manage how sound travels –  If noise is a general issue all over the office there are additions that can be made to help filter out excessive noise. Hard surfaces tend to echo or reflect sound waves. Rugs or fully installed carpeting can help to greatly reduce this effect. Other soft surfaces can help absorb sounds like comfy furniture and even plants.
4. Shake up the traditional office layout – Encourage communication, collaboration, and productivity by ditching the more traditional row-upon-row cubicle setup.  Create different spaces with unconventional layouts and decorations. Allot space for separate seating areas for employees to use as break or meeting spaces.
5. Include employees in the décor – What does your company do? Provide a service? Make a product? Allow employees to see the difference they are making by coming to work every day. Decorating can take many forms and the essence of your business and your employees can be expressed through these forms. A volunteer event can provide great photo opportunities to showcase back at the office. Ways the company’s products are used around the globe can also be displayed.

Designing an office space doesn’t have to be difficult, but if you get stuck, look up local office design services or search for more tips just like these. A company is nothing if not a collaborative effort of all its employees and catering to their needs can help them perform above and beyond.