While it is something no business owner wants to go through, office liquidation is something that businesses may have to face at some point depending on how well they do. Liquidating your office furniture can be a hassle of a task that could get pretty stressful if you do not hire a company that offers liquidation services. Below are five tips to help make your liquidation go as smoothly as possible.

5 Ways To Make Office Liquidation Easier

Create A Sufficient Time Table
Closing a business is a long and burdensome process where it can last up to or over a year to finally be completed. This is often due to the fact that businesses need to be aware of the time frame that will make it necessary for them to inventory all their furniture, disassemble and remove the furniture. By leaving a good amount of time to complete each stage of the process allows you to maximize your return on your office furniture as you won’t be rushing to get your furniture out.

Selecting A Professional Office Furniture Liquidator
If you want to have the easiest liquidation process then you will want to look into contacting a professional office liquidator. The liquidator will handle every inch of your office. What makes going with a professional even better is that they will work in the allotted time period you need, will work with the building’s management team, they will determine costs, and make sure that you receive the most value out of your furniture.

Compiling A Detailed Inventory Of Furniture Assets
When you go with a professional liquidator they will perform a thorough walk-through of your office and create a detailed inventory list of your assets. By doing this, the liquidator can accurately make up a pricing plan for when you are ready to get rid of your old office equipment.

Whole Worth Is Worth More Than The Sum Of Its Parts
While most people think that selling different office furniture seperately will get them the most return, it is actually when you sell your inventory as a whole is where you will get the most return. If you let your inventory to be handpicked you will be stuck with the furniture that no one wanted to purchase. You then will need to properly dispose of the leftovers which will be an additional cost and it can offset the money you received from the furniture that was bought.

Furniture Wholesaler vs. Furniture Broker
If you are debating between a furniture broker or a wholesaler, it is important to understand the difference to see what would be best for your situation. A broker will not make a commitment to liquidate your furniture until they have them sold. By doing this, it could mess up the timeframe you had originally planned. With a wholesaler, they will commit with the initial proposal, incur labor costs, and work with the time frame you have set out.

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