In today’s workspace, we see various office designs ranging from open concept to divided by cubicles. We’ll look at a brief history of cubicles and how they helped to make it easier for businesses to expand and provide space for their employees to focus without distractions.

Origin of the Cubicle

The original office cubicle was designed back in 1964 by a man named Robert Propst for the now world-renowned office furniture company Herman Miller. Propst designed this new and innovative solution to the bull-pen type office space to empower employees to focus on their work and improve productivity.

Another reason office cubicles gained popularity quickly is because they are affordable and easier to use than building an office space with individual offices for each employee. This reduces the overall cost for businesses to get off the ground and provides a solution that can be changed at a later date without the need for massive renovations.

Today, modular workstations and cubicles are still the most popular way to create an office space that gives employees a space of their own.

Design Changes Over Time

In the 21st century, office cubicles have both stayed very similar to the original 1964 design and undergone a huge redesign. Today, office cubicles come in a massive variety of colors, heights, and more. Additionally, the materials used to make these workstations have changed over time to make them more affordable, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

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