Countless studies have shown that happy employees make for a more productive, more successful company. Today more than ever, employers are finding new, creative ways to make their employees happier to both maximize productivity, attract prospective employees, and keep their current employees happy. Use our list of ways to give your employees the office they want and ask yourself if your office design is helping or hindering your company.

Functional, Comfortable Work Spaces

If your employees don’t have a comfortable, functional space to complete their work in, you simply cannot expect their best work. Investing in deskstables, and chairs that will give each worker their own space to be productive will be well worth the investment.

Coffee/Tea Station

Let’s be honest, many offices around the country run on pots of coffee and cups of tea. Providing your employees not only with a caffeine boost but the comfort of a warm beverage at their desks will surely contribute to their happiness at their place of work.

Variety of Settings

Having distinct spaces for work and play make for a more effective workspace. If your employees are eating lunch at their desks or mixing other work-specific spaces for leisure activities, this not only is compromising their leisure time but will have negative effects on their productivity in the long-run. Avoid mixing workspaces with those used for more casual activities by providing specific spaces for specific actions. Giving your employees a break or lunch room and other spaces designated for their leisure time will help them relax, socialize, and make the most of their break time which will keep them focussed and productive when they return to work.

Natural Light

Exposure to natural sunlight in the workplace has been consistently found to increase both workplace productivity and company morale. Find ways to bring natural light into your office space by strategically designing your office around windows and other open spaces. Many employers are making serious adjustments to their workspace such as installing more windows to allow their office more natural light and you should consider doing the same.


By simply redesigning your office, you can multiply productivity and significantly increase company morale. Not only will your employees appreciate their workspace but it will show through their work. Contact Ideal Office Solutions today for help designing and furnishing your office to maximize productivity and make your employees happier!