Whenever you’re designing your office space, you’ll need to consider the options and benefits of the type of office furniture you want to use. There are pros and cons to choosing new vs. used office cubicles, so it’s crucial to weigh the options thoroughly. At Ideal Office Supplies, we’ll help you get your office set up quickly and for a great price.

Pros of New Office Cubicles

Buying new cubicles is a great way to get exactly what you want without compromising on any features. You’ll be able to customize everything from shape to size and color. Using new office cubicles is the easiest way to get the most out of your office space. Newer manufacturers might offer better quality materials or eco-friendly options.
We even offer office design services at Ideal Office Supplies to help you make your workspace flow efficiently.

Cons of New Office Cubicles

Any time you opt to purchase new office furniture instead of used cubicles, you’ll be paying a premium for those supplies. New office cubicles are going to be more expensive than used cubicles. Additionally, finding exactly what you want might mean paying extra or waiting longer for the parts to be manufactured to your specifications.
There may also be a long lead time or shipping time on new cubicles if they are being built to your specifications.

Pros of Used Office Cubicles

Buying used office furniture is a great way to save money on upgrading your office. Whether you’re a startup business or a well-established company, having the right office equipment can increase workflow and provide your employees with an environment that will help them focus on the tasks at hand. Buying used office cubicles reduces the cost of your office equipment significantly and can help you to get set up faster than with new office cubicles.
Additionally, most used office cubicles are very lightly used, so they still have many years of life left in them and repurposing them for your office is an eco-friendly option you can feel great about. Another benefit to used cubicles is that they are readily available, and you won’t have to wait on manufacturing times to get started setting up your space.

Cons of Used Office Cubicles

Any time you buy used, you’ll run the risk of getting something that’s outdated. Another possibility when you’re looking to buy used is that the style or size, you’re looking for may not be available. Additionally, office cubicles might be available because the design isn’t the easiest to adjust or set up in your office space.

Should I Buy New or Used Cubicles?

Each office has a unique set of needs whether that’s the design, the style, or the budget. If you’re looking for something that will give your space a modern, forefront-of-the-industry feel, you’ll want to buy new cubicles from Ideal Office Solutions.

If you are more focused on the work coming out of your office than the look, but still want something functional that will meet all of your needs, the used office furniture and used cubicles from Ideal Office Solutions are just what you need. No matter what you need to get your office ready for business, Ideal Office Solutions offers high-quality, brand-name new and used office furniture for amazing prices! Contact us today to learn about