Managing Your Business’ Belongings

If you run a business, there are an incredible amount of responsibilities to take care of including managing your inventory. For this reason, we try to make your job a little easier by providing a place to store the furniture you are not using at the moment and taking care of everything in between.

What Is Inventory Management?

So what exactly do we mean when we say “inventory management”? For medium-large sized businesses, there are often several material items that are not in use but still hold value to the company. Many of these items tend to be furniture items that are out of circulation but should be ready to go back to the office when needed. Because businesses only have so much space, companies are left with a tough choice when there is more furniture than needed; to keep the items they are not using or decide if it is better to get rid of them altogether. If you see a value in keeping these items, finding a company to manage your inventory is the best option for you.

How Inventory Management Works

At Ideal Office Solutions, we take several steps to ensure your furniture items get from your location to our warehouse with minimal effort on your part. Firstly, we will perform an on-site workplace audit to help manage your furniture assets. We’ll re-deploy existing furniture to new projects and will assist in disposal of outdated or unusable product. As an environmentally-friendly company, we also make an effort to recycle your outdated or unusable office furniture when possible. When storage space is limited, off-site secure warehousing is also available so we will surely find a safe, clean place for your items.

Inventory Management in North Shore, MA

Ideal Office provides a range of furniture services including leasing office furniture, inventory management, liquidating furnitureproject management, and selling office furniture. We have decades of experience managing inventory for various businesses in a range of industries. Contact us today for an estimate on storing your furniture with us!