Just like with a home’s interior design, office design changes are a breath of fresh air. Adding creative ideas to the office is a great way to boost morale and let employees feel like they are part of the office even more by allowing them to incorporate their design ideas as well. These types of changes are most likely to occur as the seasons change to compliment what each season brings. Now with the summer halfway over, office trends for 2018 have been coming to fruition. Below are three of the most popular design trends we have noticed in the workspace so far this summer.

Bold Colors & Textures

When it comes to colors in an office, neutral colors are the most widely used as these types cover a broad range of styles. To spice things up a bit this summer, try adding in bold colors to complement the neutral. Taking inspiration from home decor is a great way to start designing your office, especially for colors. Hues have been used for years in the home so try bringing them into the work environment to change things up. If you are looking to not change color completely, you can start by adding a colorful trim to your office’s walls. When adding color to your office, you do not have to focus on just the walls. Bring the color to other areas of the office such as furniture and office chairs. Instead of normal black chairs, pick a color of new office furniture that complements or adds contrast to your office’s main color to make the room pop.

Adding texture is another great way to change up the feel of your office and you can do this in an abundance of ways. From adding funky textured rugs to wall tiles that bring a new level of texture you can create different dimensions and layers your employees will appreciate.

Flexible Work Spaces

The workforce is evolving almost every year with new technology advances as well as how businesses interact with customers. There is less traffic with customers coming into the office, aside from meetings, so business owners can think of updating their floorplans to accommodate their employees. Ask any person working about cubicles and you will hear the same thing, “I feel closed off,” “I feel out of touch with others in the office,” or “I feel trapped.” Knockdown those cubicles and create your work environment into an open floor plan. This is a great way to increase employee connection as well as allowing easier access for different departments to collaborate on different projects.

Natural Influence

One of the biggest trends in home decor was bringing natural elements into the home. It is still going strong and is something you can do to your office to literally bring a breath of fresh air into the workspace. While the maintenance for plants can be a hassle at times, the benefits of adding plants in the office as they can purify the air while also improving the overal mood of your employees. The great thing about plants is that they come in different shapes and sizes, so you do not have to get a huge plant. You can start off with getting small desk plants and work your way from there. If you enjoy the feel that plants give off in your office, try introducing a whole entire live wall of plants, with your employees contributing with a plant for themselves they can add to the wall. Not only does this bring new decor to your work, but it is also a great team bonding activity.