Since the outbreak of COVID-19 never before have workers telecommuted on such a broad scale. Millions of people are trying to work from home. Ideal Office Solutions has some ideal pro-tips for working remotely.

Stay On Top Of Your Technology

Bring home your work laptop, mouse, keyboards, your desktop screens and don’t forget the charger. Anything to make working on your laptop from home a little easier. Don’t forget about your software and applications. Think about leaning heavily on Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom or GoToMeeting.Don’t forget to test out to see if everything works from home. Make sure you don’t need a security key to log in?

How Is Your Bandwith?

Is your internet access robust enough at home to allow you to video conference? Online video conferencing, which requires a good Internet connection. If your bandwidth is low and you’re on a video call, try shutting down other programs to lighten the load on your connection. If your connection is really choppy, you can often shut off the video portion of a call and participate with audio-only. Or you might have to tell the kids to hop off the internet.


Manage Your Expectations

Make sure you have a discussion with your supervisors about what can actually be accomplished from home. How will your managers be effectively tracking what you are working on? Continue to have this ongoing conversation throughout your entire work from home period. Remember to be patient, going fully remote is a new experience for many companies and their workers. Be honest about what you feel isn’t working or can’t get done in these circumstances.


Stay Connected


You are no longer in the office to curate random conversations. If you’re not used to that loss, full-time remote work can feel isolated. To feel less of the isolation, some co-workers are scheduling online social time to have conversations with no agenda or get familiar with G chat if you miss real-time interaction. Embrace video calling and webcams so you can see your colleagues.

Stay Safe We’re Here To Help!


We know this is a troubling time and social distancing is important! Give us a call at Ideal Office Solutions to help your office design needs. As a full-service office furniture dealer, at Ideal Office Solutions are focused on all aspects of furniture and installation so that your office designs run smoothly. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will manage every aspect of your workplace needs.