Creating the perfect workspace for you and your employees is the key to productivity in today’s office. If you are redesigning your office or opening a new location, picking out the right type of desk for your employees can help to create the environment you want while building a better space for focus and creativity.

Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at the types of desks and how they encourage different work styles.

How Many Kinds of Desks are There?

There are many different types of desks to outfit your office space, and each provides a different user experience. Below, we’ll go over six primary types of desks used in offices and how they meet different needs and work styles.

Writing Desks

Writing desks are most commonly used in homes and apartments; however, they have a home in offices as well. These types of desks are open and meant for light use; they make excellent temporary workstations or places for collaborative projects. Sometimes these desks offer small drawers for storing papers and writing utensils.

Executive Desks

The most common type of desk in offices is the executive desk. This standard design features plenty of storage space for files, papers, writing utensils, and other equipment. Executive desks offer a spacious rectangular workspace, plenty of seating space, and drawers for organization.

Computer Desks

Another common desk for offices, the computer desk, is standard for most homes and offices because of how often computers are utilized in our daily lives. Computer desks are often slender, with plenty of room for a computer tower, monitor, and space to work. Some of these desks feature sliding drawers where you can store a keyboard and mouse to keep the top of the desk clean for paperwork or other projects.

Secretary Desks

Secretary desks are another common desk for offices. These desks feature lots of storage options and a spacious work area to allow the user to complete projects by hand efficiently. These desks are often designed for someone filling out paperwork and filing it, so there will be lots of storage for papers, files, writing utensils, and more.

Standing Desks

A relatively modern design is the standing desk, which is intended to keep the user’s mind active by keeping them moving. These types of desks evolved from the research showing how dangerous sitting for long periods of time can be for the long-term health of your employees. These desks are often adjustable so that you can fit them to the height of each user.

Adjustable Height Desks

Another version of the standing desk, adjustable desks flow easily from a sitting desk to a standing one or anywhere in between to allow the user to find the most comfortable fit for them. These desks are ideal for the modern workplace and give your employee the freedom they need to create a perfect workstation for their productivity and creative flow.

What is the Most Common Type of Desk?

The most common type of desk is the executive desk, which is distinguishable because of its storage space and large work area. These are built to be around 60” wide with a height of 30” and a depth of around 30”. This design gives the user plenty of space for working on projects, using a computer, and answering phone calls.

Are Standing Desks Better than Standard Desks?

There have been a lot of discussions recently about the dangers of sitting for long hours at a desk. There are many ways to combat the ill effects of sitting; using a standing desk or adjustable desk is one of the solutions.

Standing desks are typically a good solution for changing the norm and giving your employees a break from the monotony; however, it’s not ideal for your employees to stand for eight hours a day, either.

Adjustable desks are a great solution for this, giving the user the ability to switch from sitting to standing whenever they feel it is most advantageous. However, many employees will never use the adjustable feature on the desk, so it’s only a better option if using the adjustable feature is encouraged.

Is Buying Used Desks Worth it?

Whether you’re refurbishing or starting a new office, getting used office equipment can help you save big on your startup costs! At Ideal Office, we have office desks in all shapes and sizes to help you get the best fit for your space.

Should I Consider Buying a Refurbished Desk for My Office?

Whether you’re shopping for your home or office, buying a refurbished desk is an excellent way to save money while getting a desk that will meet all of your needs. Shop our selection of refurbished desks and find a perfect fit for your space today!

Finding the perfect desk for your office space is the key to ensuring your team has a workstation that meets their needs and encourages productivity and focus. Contact us today to get the best deal on your new or used desks for your office.